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Iktos is a start-up company that develops a truly innovative and disruptive artificial intelligence technology for ligand-based de novo drug design focused on MPO (multi parametric optimization). Our innovative algorithm is based on state of the art deep learning models, called generative models, and enables to design new compounds under the constraint of a given blueprint with unprecedented speed, performance and diversity.


Iktos wins the Concours Mondial pour l’Innovation (CMI) phase 2 sponsored by BpiFrance and will get a 900k€ to help accelerate its research in AI apply to drug design.


> Iktos will be at RSC-BMCS / RSC-CICAG Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry in London, next June 2018, and will present two posters.

> Iktos will be at RICT 2018 in Strasbourg, next July 2018, and will present one poster.