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We are different


Virtual screening has many well-known limitations that limit its usefulness in practice: time consuming, strong expertise required, dependence upon fragments libraries and parameter setting, limitation to a small number of targets…

In contrast, Iktos technology is a “virtual designing” algorithm which is guided to create novel molecular structures that are optimized to meet any given multi-objective blueprint.


Traditional approach: virtual screening

• Need to define a fixed scaffold and allowed structural modifications at selected places
• Combinatorial approach, dependent upon fragment databases availability
• The size of the database must increase exponentially with the number of objectives
• Need a high amount of data preparation, computation time and expertise


IKTOS: A virtual designing technology

• No prerequisites on the scaffold, the algorithm identifies what drives biological activity
• No dependence on virtual molecular fragments databases
• Thanks to our proprietary algorithm molecular diversity is limitless
• The number of parameters to optimize does not impact performance
• A few hours only are needed to identify promising molecules