Iktos was founded in 2016 by Quentin Perron, Nicolas Do Huu, and Yann Gaston-Mathé, with the aim of developing an innovative and user-friendly technology platform for deep-learning based de novo drug design, leveraging a proprietary algorithm developed by Quentin and Nicolas who initially wanted to apply to chemistry the deep learning generative models previously used in fields such as image and natural language processing.


Since that time, academic and industry publications in the field of deep learning for drug design have flourished, however Iktos has retained a pioneering positioning and specific expertise in the field of ligand-based de novo design for multi-parameter optimization.


Our objective is to make our technology accessible to everyone, and to be the first company to release a user-friendly and high-performance de novo design software for multi-parameter optimization, that can be used by any medicinal or computational chemist, whatever their level of expertise in deep learning and computer programming.


In Q2 2017, we won the Concours Mondial d’Innovation, a 900k€ competitive innovation grant funded by the French Government, to fund the development of our technology.


In Q3 2017, we won Innov’Up Proto, a 100k€ competitive innovation grant funded by the Paris region, to fund the development of our software platform.


In October 2017, we raised 700k€ in equity from a pool of private investors.


Since 2017, our technology has been tested and validated in several projects run with a lot of pharmaceutical companies, on more than 35 differents projects.


Our team is composed of 40 talented individuals meeting the key skills required to succeed in our business: medicinal and computational chemistry, machine learning and deep learning, data science, data engineering, open-source big data IT architecture, software development…


They trust us