January 2023

Peptides are a promising class of therapeutics with unique properties. They share some advantages of proteins, such as their high …Read more

October 2022

Our CSO, Dr. Quentin Perron and VP, Head of BD- EU, RoW Dr. Sree Vadlamudi presented a webinar on ‘Makya™: Iktos technology platform …Read more

August 2022

Take a tour of our new website and explore our AI-driven generative modeling technology platform …Read more

April 2022

We are very pleased to announce our 2nd Annual ‘AI for De Novo Drug Design’ Conference to be held virtually on May 3 and 4, 2022…Read more

January 2022

Our research paper on ‘Integrating synthetic accessibility with AI-based generative drug design’ was recently published by ChemRxiv…Read more

October 2021

We presented a webinar on ‘Spaya: Artificial Intelligence to discover and prioritise synthetic routes’. If you missed…Read more


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