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Artificial Intelligence for new drug design

Fully automated virtual lead design

Focusing on multi-parametric optimization

Pharma R&D needs improvement:


          1% chance to find a new drug


          10-15 years to get it on the market 


          $2,000,000,000: the cost of a new drug

Drug design: long, risky and expensive

      3 to 5 years from hit to candidate

      10% success rate

      $100M for a new drug candidate

Medicinal chemistry needs to be reinvented!

Lead Optimization: Solving the Rubik’s cube

10+ parameters to optimize


an infinite chemical space


too many options to test


limited time and budget


Can AI change the rules of the game!

AI: bringing disruptive change in drug design:


Fast, accurate & comprehensive

chemical space navigation

Iktos: a pioneering company in
AI-powered drug design

A unique molecule generator technology
capable of designing, in only a
few hours,
optimal virtual lead compounds
to solve your
MPO issue

Iktos, your preferred partner for efficient
AI-powered drug design!