Pioneering AI and Robotics in Drug Discovery

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Why Iktos

Iktos stands at the forefront of drug discovery innovation, combining AI and robotics to tackle the inefficiencies of traditional drug development processes.

Our mission is to enable faster discovery of effective treatments, advancing global health by bringing new solutions to patients more quickly and reliably.

Iktos's Breakthrough Solution :
AI and Robotics Integration

Iktos's technology revolutionizes drug discovery by integrating three key innovations : AI-driven molecule design, AI-driven molecule synthesis and robotic automation, reducing the discovery phase to under 24 months.

Retrosynthesis AI

Orchestration AI

Generative AI


Iktos Robotics

Biological testing

Iktos Robotics

Purification & analysis

Iktos Robotics

Core Technology :
Generative and Retrosynthesis AI

Iktos leverages generative AI to revolutionize drug discovery by optimizing both :
the design and synthesis phases.

Our generative AI platform, Makya, leverages advanced algorithms to design novel, feasible molecules. It predicts and optimizes drug properties, drastically reducing the time required to identify promising drug candidates.

Spaya complements Makya by ensuring the synthetic feasibility of its designs, selecting the most efficient synthetic routes to produce viable drug candidates, thereby accelerating the transition from concept to real-world application.

Embark on a Molecular Odyssey

Our in-house pipeline showcases our capability to apply our AI and robotics technology across various stages of drug development, from target identification to lead optimization.

Hit DiscoveryHit-to-leadLead OptimizationPreclinical Candidate
MTHFD2Inflammation / 
auto-immune diseases
Confidential TargetOncology
Confidential TargetOncology
Confidential TargetImmuno-oncology
(Collaborative Program)

All molecules are new and distinct, with all projects initiated in 2023, showcasing our rapid pace. Anticipate preclinical candidates for all projects by 2025.