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Pioneering AI and Robotics in Drug Discovery

Iktos leverages cutting-edge AI and robotics to transform drug discovery. By integrating the creativity of Generative AI with automated synthesis and testing, we are forging a path towards fully autonomous labs, accelerating the development of new treatments to improve patient care.

Follow a molecule’s journey through Iktos’s platform, from inception to drug candidate, iterating through the DMTA cycle.

Embark on the Molecular

The journey begins with Makya's AI-driven design, continues with Spaya's efficient retrosynthesis, and advances through Iktos Robotics for synthesis, purification, analysis, and testing. This integrated approach shortens the discovery phase to under 2 years.

Innovative molecular Design

Generative AI

Makya, our generative AI SaaS platform, starts the molecular journey by creating diverse, novel, and medchem-like molecules. With its unique chemistry driven approach, it ensures each molecule is synthetically accessible and optimized for success.

Key Features

  • Generative AI technology for de novo drug design
  • Focus on synthetic accessibility
  • Multi-parametric optimization
  • Inclusion of 3D constraints

Efficient Synthesis Planning

Retrosynthesis AI

The next step in the journey involves Spaya, our AI-driven retrosynthesis platform. Spaya quickly identifies the most feasible synthetic routes, converting target compounds into commercially available starting materials. This data-driven approach ensures the synthesis process is optimized, tailored to your needs, and compatible with our robotic systems.

Key Features

  • Real-time display of retrosynthetic routes
  • Customizable synthesis steps and constraints
  • Integration with various data providers

Comprehensive Automation

Autonomous Lab
Iktos Robotics

Our Autonomous Lab currently automates the synthesis of compounds, ensuring high-throughput and AI-driven automation. This includes the synthesis process, with workflow management from ordering raw materials to executing chemical synthesis.

Full integration of reaction monitoring, purification, analysis, and biological testing is in progress to create a seamless and autonomous workflow. This evolving AI-driven DMTA (Design-Make-Test-Analysis) process significantly reduces the time to identify viable drug candidates and is continuously advancing towards full autonomy.

Key Features

  • Fully automated synthesis and analysis
  • High-throughput data generation and iteration
  • Ongoing Integration: Purification and Biological Testing

Iterative Optimization

Continuous Improvement

The data generated from testing is fed back into Makya, enabling continuous improvement and optimization of molecular properties.

This iterative process ensures that each cycle brings us closer to the ideal drug candidate, leveraging AI and robotics to their fullest potential.

Our in-house Pipeline

Our in-house pipeline showcases our capability to apply our AI and robotics technology across various stages of drug development, from target identification to preclinical candidate.

Target / PathwayTherapeutic AreasHit DiscoveryHit-to-LeadLead OptimizationPreclinical Candidate
MTHFD2Inflammation auto-immune diseases
Hit DiscoveryHit-to-LeadLead OptimizationPreclinical Candidate
Confidential TargetOncology
Hit DiscoveryHit-to-LeadLead OptimizationPreclinical Candidate
Confidential TargetOncology
Hit DiscoveryHit-to-LeadLead OptimizationPreclinical Candidate
Confidential TargetImmuno-oncology
Hit DiscoveryHit-to-LeadLead OptimizationPreclinical Candidate

Partnering for Success

Integrated Drug Discovery Collaborations

At Iktos, we collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to drive innovation in drug discovery. Our Integrated Drug Discovery collaborations leverage our AI and robotics platforms to accelerate the development of new drug candidates.

Enhance your drug discovery projects with our advanced technologies and expert support.

Integrated Drug Discovery Collaborations

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Since our inception in 2016, we have consistently delivered value through over 60+ collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic institutions. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI-driven drug design, making us a trusted partner in your molecular odyssey.

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