Spaya Webinar Spring 2022

Topic: Spaya : AI-driven accurate synthetic accessibility – from ‘precise analysis to massive scoring’

Recording Duration: 54:57

Webinar Start Time: March 29, 2022, 10:00-11:00 CEST and 17:00-18:00 CEST


Quentin Perron

Chief Scientific Officier & Co-founder, Iktos

Quentin Perron is a medicinal chemist by training. He holds a PhD in organometallic chemistry from the University of Geneva. During his post-doc fellowship at UCLA he worked on the total synthesis of Brasillicardin A, a complex natural molecule known for having a potent immunosuppressive activity. After working as a medicinal chemist in CNS indications at Laboratoires Servier, he switched to data science and chemoinformatics at Quinten, a company specialized in data science services. In 2016, with his business partners Yann Gaston-Mathé and Nicolas Do Huu, he co-founded Iktos, a start-up company developing AI technologies for new drug design. He is now the CSO of the company.

Brian Atwood

Application Scientist, Iktos

Brian Atwood is a synthetic organic chemist by training. He completed his PhD in 2018 under the direction of Chris Vanderwal at UCI. His doctoral work centered around the total synthesis of two natural products: a polychlorinated marine metabolite and a pyrrole-containing alkaloid. He then moved to UCLA to conduct postdoctoral work in the lab of Mike Jung, contributing to a variety of medicinal chemistry projects. Brian joined the Iktos team in 2020 to support US operations, applying his extensive training in synthetic planning to the development and implementation of Spaya and the Spaya API.

Sree Vadlamudi

Vice President, Head of Business Development EU and RoW, Iktos

As Vice President, Head of Business Development EU and RoW, Iktos AI, Sree leads strategic business development outreach, alliance management, marketing & communication activities. Sree has a successful track record in Strategic Business Development, Technology Commercialisation and Alliance Management positions with increasing responsibility in the bio-pharma industry. Sree is instrumental in securing and managing partnerships with biotechs and pharma as well as maximising the value of AI-based technology platforms and the growth of the business. Sree has held senior research management positions at biotechs and virtual biotechs. Named author of multiple patents and publications, delivered numerous invited talks at international conferences. Sree holds PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, and MBA with merit from Lancaster Business School.